Tuesday, July 26, 2016

KGAG Children's Summer Art Classes

Following this year's successful King George Art Show, the King George Art Guild continued the tradition of providing one-week of children's art classes this summer, free of charge with all materials provided.  Three classes of fifteen children registered for the classes that met daily for ninety minutes.  Mrs. Carrol Morgan and Mrs. Darlene Wilkinson co-taught the classes, held at King George Elementary School.

Here are some photos of the kids learning and creating...




Have a great summer everyone!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

2016 KG Art Show Award Winners

Here are this year's KG Art Show Award Winners...
22nd Biennial KING GEORGE ART SHOW 2016
JUDGE – Joseph DiBella, Professor Emeritus of Art, UMW
Best in Show: “Vessel 2” ceramic by Daniel Christie of King George, VA
John Shaw Award: “Beach Friend” acrylic by Kristi Zerull of Fredericksburg, VA
Judge’s Choice Awards:
1.     “Oh, Mom!” pastel by Maggie Bice of Rhoadesville, VA
2.     “Bosom Buddy # 3 Jenny” photograph by Mary Jane Bohlen of Cranston, RI
3.     “Figure # 10” wood sculpture by James E. Butler of Fredericksburg, VA
4.     “Under the Bridge” oil by Marcia Chaves of Fredericksburg, VA
5.     “Birdhouse Condominium” ceramic by Dan Finnegan of Fredericksburg, VA
6.     “Going for a Spin” pastel by Trish Hill of Bowling Green, VA
7.     “Brooke” pencil portrait by Michael Martin of Bruington, VA
8.     “Lizard” mixed media by Paula Raudenbush of Fredericksburg, VA
9.     “Still Life with Grapes” oil by Elizabeth Stewart of King George, VA
10.   “Dragonfly Waltz #16”  mixed media by Bob Worthy of Montross, VA
Merit Awards:
1.     “Face Time” bolo/fused glass by Angie Applegate of Stafford, VA
2.     “You Break It, We Fix It” photography by David G. Boyd of Cranston, RI
3.     “The Purple Bowl” oil by Katherine Dervin of Fredericksburg, VA
4.     “African Requiem” print by Robert S. Hunter of Colonial Beach, VA
5.      “Windsor Settee” wood furniture by William D. Jenkins of Montross, VA
6.     “Untitled” acrylic by William R. Leap of Fredericksburg, VA
7.     “Je Suis Charlie” mixed media by Penny Parrish of Fredericksburg, VA
8.     “Lost Path” encaustic by Sally Rhone-Kubarek of Fredericksburg, VA
9.     “Forward Thinking” acrylic by MG Stout of Stafford, VA
10.   “Conspiracy” acrylic by Joyce Thor of Colonial Beach, VA
Honorable Mentions:
1.     “Senior’s Imagination” collaborative mixed media by Odette Anderson,  Bob Bowen, Taylor Cullar, Henry Fink, Mi-ja Han, Ann Holt, Meg Martin, and Betty Martley of Fredericksburg, VA
2.      “Rose” alkyd by George Bowles of Arlington, VA
3.      “Last Minute Stitching” oil by Nancy Brittle of Remington, VA
4.      “Many Moons” weaving by Rita Brown of Triangle, VA
5.      “The Source” mixed media by Donna Brune of Flint Hill, VA
6.      “Pinwheeled Radiance” acrylic by Charlotte Burrill of Fredericksburg, VA
7.      “Lois’s Cows” oil by Barbara Byrd of Bowling Green, VA
8.      “Daily Catch” acrylic by Collette Caprara of Fredericksburg, VA
9.      “I’m Still Here” photograph by Toby Chittum of Partlow, VA
10.   “St. John’s Episcopal Church, KG, VA” pen/ink by Faith Gaillot of Hollywood, MD
11.   “Sunday Afternoon” pastel by Elsie Hagenlocker of Fredericksburg, VA
12.   “Glimpses IV” acrylic by Barbara Taylor Hall of Fredericksburg, VA
13.   “River Rocks” watercolor by Beverly Hamon of Fredericksburg, VA
14.   “I Will Survive” watercolor by Sue Henderson of Fredericksburg, VA
15.   “Old Boat, Annecy” photograph by Deborah Herndon of Charleston, WV
16.   “Taco Belle” mixed media by Cathy Herndon of Fredericksburg, VA
17.   “Seaside” mixed media by Anita Holle  of Fredericksburg, VA
18.   “Shelf Fungi” multimedia by Karen Julihn of Fredericksburg, VA
19.   “Sushi” oil by Ed King of Fredericksburg, VA
20.   “Rushmore Revisited” acrylic by Ina Moss of Fredericksburg, VA
21.   “Abandoned Farmhouse” multi-media by Katherine Owens of Fredericksburg, VA
22.   “Cruising the Pond” acrylic by Shirley Rush of Colonial Beach, VA
23.   “Have a Drink” mixed media by Mary Ann Scaggs of Mechanicsville, MD
24.   “Broadside: ‘No Other’” print by Mollie Schaidt of King George, VA
25.   “Neighbors” mixed media by Elizabeth Shumate of Newport News, VA
26.   “Burst of Energy” watercolor by Pat Troiani of Solomons, MD
27.   “The Colors of White” pastel by Kathy Waltermire of Colonial Beach, VA
28.   “R. Roughhouse” mixed media by Linda Warshaw of Fredericksburg, VA
29.   “Raining Glass” mixed media by Darlene Wilkinson of King George, VA
30.   “Foggy Morning” oil by Jane Woodworth of Durham, NC

Popular Vote Awards:
1. Fine Art: “On the Prowl” acrylic painting by Kristi Zerull of Fredericksburg, VA
2. Photography: “Virginia Creeper” photograph by Penny Parrish of Fredericksburg, VA
3. Crafts: “Crab Platter” #112 by Cathy Donovan of Colonial Beach, VA  
Looking forward to 2018 already!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

2016 King George Art Show Photos

Enjoy these photos of the 2016 King George Art Show as well as a look at a few of this year's Award Winners. 

"Taco Bell" by Cathy Herndon

"Pinwheeled Radiance" by Charlotte Burrill
"Vessel 2" by Daniel Christie
Daniel Christie throwing a really big pot!

"Sunday Afternoon" by Elsie Hagenlocker
"Shelf Fungi" by Karen Julihn
Artwork from the 2016 King George Art Show.
Look at all that artwork!
"Forward Thinking" by MG Stout
Artwork from the 2016 King George Art Show.
"Ever Changing" interactive art table by Toby Chittum
"Foggy Morning" by Jane Woodworth
"Senior's Imagination" collaboration mixed media
by six senior artists of Fredericksburg:
Odette Anderson, Bob Bowen, Taylor Cullar,
Henry Fink, Mi-Ja Han, Ann Holt, Meg Martin, and Betty Martley

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

How many hands does it take to put up an art show?

More than a few!  Enjoy these photos of the terrific work crew who helped set up the 2016 King George Art Show earlier this week.
It takes a village to put up these panels...
Are you sure that panel is level...?
"Make the panel higher - higher I say!"  
 [Note:  Having fun is a must and Daniel was a great team leader!]

Thanks to all the many volunteers and "hands" who make the biennial King George Art Show possible!

Live Pot Throwing Demo at King George Art Show Opening

It's almost here - the opening of the King George Art Show this Sunday, June 19th from 1-5pm! 

In addition to all the beautiful artwork on display, master potter Daniel Christie will be providing live demonstrations of pot throwing during Sunday's opening

Daniel's pottery, including his fabulous mugs, will be among the many artworks available in the "Clothesline Sale" of the King George Art Show.

We encourage you to spread the word about the 2016 King George Art Show and the live pot throwing event on opening day (Sunday, June 19th, from 1-5 pm).  Invite your friends and family and please share within your social media circles.  We look forward to seeing you this weekend!

The King George Art Show opens Sunday June 19th and runs through June 26th.  Hours are 1-5 pm on weekends and 4-8 pm on week days.  See you there!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

2016 King George Art Show Catalog Preview

Here's a preview of the 2016 King George Art Show Catalog!  Enjoy!
Entry # Artist Name Artwork Title Media
1 Odette Anderson My Friend Lin Acrylic
2 Odette Anderson Seniors Imagination Mixed Media
3 Angie Applegate Eye Glass Holder Found Objects/Glass/Vintage Beads
4 Angie Applegate Bolo Tie "Face Time" Fused Glass/Sterling Silver/Leather
5 Angie Applegate Poodle Power Stool (Grooming) Acrylic on Folding Stool
6 Carol Baker From the Depths Acrylic
7 Carol Baker Cascades Acrylic
8 Carol Baker Sailing the Orkas Acrylic
9 James Bapple Terceira Road Canvas Photo
10 James Bapple Sunset Fishing Metal Photo
11 James Bapple Rua de Jesus, Praia Framed Photo
12 Doris Barbee Dancing Queen Watercolor
13 Doris Barbee Bayou Sunset Watercolor
14 Doris Barbee Silent Watch Oil
15 Peggy Baxter The Sentry Watercolor
16 Peggy Baxter Troubled Waters Watercolor
17 Peggy Baxter It's Home Watercolor
18 Holly Bean Spirit Guide Hawk Bead Artistry
19 Holly Bean Power of Dove Bead Artistry
20 Holly Bean Spirit Guide Owl Bead Artistry
21 Maggie Bice Lady Artist Pastel
22 Maggie Bice Art Appreciator Pastel
23 Maggie Bice Oh Mom! Pastel
24 Bev Bley The Bridge Acrylic
25 Bev Bley Fleeting Emotions Acrylic
26 Bev Bley The Way It Is Collage
27 Mary Jane Bohlen Bosom Buddy #1 Heidi Black & White Photography
28 Mary Jane Bohlen Bosom Buddy #2 Jennifer Black & White Photography
29 Mary Jane Bohlen Bosom Buddy #3 Jenny Black & White Photography
30 George Bowles Rose Alkyd
31 David G. Boyd Hiding in Plain Sight Metallic Paper Photo
32 David G. Boyd You Break It, We Fix It Metallic Paper Photo
33 David G. Boyd Morning Fog on the Rappahannock Metallic Paper Photo
34 Jurgen Brat Banjo V Oil
35 Jurgen Brat Raute II - Pointer Oil on Paper
36 Jurgen Brat Raute 3 Oil on Paper
37 Jurgen Brat Helix - 3 Ceramic
38 Jurgen Brat Helix - 4 Ceramic
39 Barbara Brennan Bumpy Oak Road Barn Pastels
40 Barbara Brennan Bumpy Oak Road Farm Pastels
41 Barbara Brennan Alone Pastels
42 Nancy Brittle Old Walnut Tree on the Rappahannock Oil on Canvas
43 Nancy Brittle Last Minute Stitching Oil on Canvas
44 Nancy Brittle Iris Bed at Home Oil on Canvas
45 Rita Brown Many Moons Weaving
46 Traci Brown Cotton Candy Blossom Acrylic
47 Traci Brown Royal Dream Mixed Media
48 Traci Brown Wonderland Ceramic
49 Donna Brune Mountain Glow Acrylic/Watercolor on YUPO
50 Donna Brune The Source Watercolor on YUPO
51 Donna Brune On The Brink Watercolor on Arches 140 lb. cp
52 Charlotte Burrill Contentment Acrylic
53 Charlotte Burrill Greatness of Greens Acrylic
54 Charlotte Burrill Pinwheeled Radiance Acrylic
55 Charlotte Burrill Miniscule Meanderings Black & White Photography
56 Charlotte Burrill Linear Ramblings Black & White Photography
57 Helen Burroughs Glory Acrylic
58 Helen Burroughs Heartbeat Acrylic
59 Helen Burroughs Mainstreet Acrylic
60 Helen Butler Turnips Pastel
61 Helen Butler Pears and Stripes Pastel
62 Helen Butler Tuscan Hill Town Pastel
63 James E. Butler BW2 Black Walnut Sculpture
64 James E. Butler Figure # 10 Birch Sculpture
65 James E. Butler Figure # 11 Birch /Stainless Steel Sculpture
66 Barbara Byrd Lois's Cows Oil
67 Barbara Byrd Thru a Child's Eyes Oil
68 Barbara Byrd Caden's Cut Oil
69 Connie Canby Northern Lights Watercolor Collage
70 Connie Canby Rose of Sharon Watercolor Textured
71 Connie Canby Out of the Blue Watercolor
72 Collette Caprara Mountain Goats Oil
73 Collette Caprara Joy of Freedom Oil
74 Collette Caprara Daily Catch Acrylic
75 Eileen Carson Spotsylvania Fall Oil
76 Eileen Carson Virginia Roadside Oil
77 Eileen Carson Family Dinner at Goolricks Oil
78 Marcia Chaves The Last Falmouth Dipper Oil
79 Marcia Chaves Under the Bridge Oil
80 Marcia Chaves Old Virginia Oil
81 Toby Patricia Chittum Ever Changing Interactive Table Top
82 Toby Patricia Chittum Purple Heart Mixed Media
83 Toby Patricia Chittum Purple Rain II (In memory of…) Acrylic
84 Toby Patricia Chittum I'm Still Here Digital Photography
85 Toby Patricia Chittum Passion #1 Digital Photography
86 Toby Patricia Chittum At Sea Digital Photography
87 Daniel Christie Wall Sculpture Clay
88 Daniel Christie Vessel 1: Pitcher Cup Set Clay
89 Daniel Christie Vessel 2: Teapot Set Clay
90 Andrea Clement Cricket on the Beach Acrylic on Canvas
91 Andrea Clement Auntie Daisy Acrylic on Canvas
92 Andrea Clement Rafe Acrylic on Canvas
93 Beverly Coates In Chatham Garden (Triptych) Watercolor
94 Beverly Coates Royal Purple & Majestic Gold Watercolor
95 Beverly Coates Collection of Tulips Watercolor
96 Lee Cochrane Autumn on the Canal Photo on Canvas
97 Lee Cochrane Crosley Lineup Photography
98 Lee Cochrane Lazy Day Photography
99 R. Taylor Cullar Blue Canoes Watercolor
100 R. Taylor Cullar On the Suwannee Watercolor
101 R. Taylor Cullar New Orleans Masks Photography
102 R. Taylor Cullar Meteor Shower Acrylic on Canvas
103 R. Taylor Cullar Capitol Steps VA Photography
104 Katherine Dervin Late Afternoon Light on the River Oil
105 Katherine Dervin The Purple Bowl Oil
106 Katherine Dervin Gathering Clouds Oil
107 Crystal Donnelly Untitled Horse Stool 1 Acrylic on Folding Stool
108 Crystal Donnelly Untitled Horse Stool 2 Acrylic on Folding Stool
109 Crystal Donnelly Untitled Horse Stool 3 Acrylic on Folding Stool
110 Crystal Donnelly Opposites Attract Acrylic
111 Crystal Donnelly Eternal Acrylic
112 Cathy Donovan Crab Platter Pottery
113 Cathy Donovan Crab Plate Pottery
114 Cathy Donovan Crab Vase Pottery
115 Dan Finnegan Birds of Paradise Woodfired Stoneware
116 Dan Finnegan Birdhouse Condominium Woodfired Stoneware
117 Dan Finnegan 8 Lobed Fruit Bowl Woodfired Stoneware
118 Faith Gaillot Just My Dad Pen and Ink
119 Faith Gaillot Liberty - A Different Perspective Pen and Ink
120 Faith Gaillot St. Johns Episcopal Church, KG, VA Pen and Ink
121 Elsie C. Hagenlocker Sunday Afternoon Pastels
122 Elsie C. Hagenlocker Awakening Acrylic
123 Elsie C. Hagenlocker Silenzio Pastels
124 Barbara Taylor Hall Glimpses IV Acrylic
125 Barbara Taylor Hall Taos Acrylic
126 Barbara Taylor Hall Lake George Mixed Media
127 Beverly Hamon River Rocks Watercolor
128 Beverly Hamon The Cliff Watercolor
129 Beverly Hamon Golden Finches Oil
130 Tarver Harris Whispers Acrylic on Canvas
131 Tarver Harris Homeward Acrylic on Canvas
132 Tarver Harris Paisley Acrylic on Board
133 Sue Henderson Late Winter Rappahannock Acrylic
134 Sue Henderson I Will Survive Watercolor
135 Sue Henderson The Hot Spot Watercolor
136 Sue Henderson The Farmer's Cottage Photo on Canvas
137 Sue Henderson Lonely Pine Photo on Canvas
138 Sue Henderson Surf Marbles Photo on Canvas
139 Cathy Herndon At the Lake Mixed on Silk w/Neon
140 Cathy Herndon Taco Belle Mixed Meda on Canvas
141 Cathy Herndon Chocolate Drop-up & Down Collage on Painted Paper
142 Cathy Herndon Cherry Point 1 Color Photo
143 Cathy Herndon Slent Skaters 2 Color Photo
144 Cathy Herndon Philly Bridge Color Photo
145 Cathy Herndon I could live here…Greece Litho/Old Wood/Stuff
146 Cathy Herndon I could live here…Italy Litho/Old Wood/Stuff
147 Cathy Herndon I could live here…Florida Litho/Old Wood/Stuff
148 Deborah Herndon La Gare de Eiffel Metallic Photo, Ltd. Ed.
149 Deborah Herndon Chefs at Work Metallic Photo, Ltd. Ed.
150 Deborah Herndon Old Boat, Annecy Metallic Photo, Ltd. Ed.
151 Trish Hill Going for a Spin Pastel
152 Trish Hill Great Lines Pastel
153 Trish Hill Classic Rubble Pastel
154 Shirley Hinrichs Future Memories Metal Sculpture
155 Anita Holle Afternoon in Morocco Oil
156 Anita Holle Little Daniel Oil
157 Anita Holle Sea Side Mixed Media
158 Elizabeth Holt Mountain Stream Watercolor
159 Elizabeth Holt Underwater Watercolor
160 Elizabeth Holt All Tied Up Watercolor
161 Ruth Hornbaker Mark -  Everett's Great Grandchild Mixed Media
162 Ruth Hornbaker Cassandra - Everett's Great Grandchild Mixed Media
163 Ruth Hornbaker Sawyer - Everett's Great Grandchild Mixed Media
164 Robert S. Hunter African Requiem Archival Pigment Print
165 Robert S. Hunter Stories of Light and Shadow Mixed Media Artist Book
166 Robert S. Hunter The Race Archival Pigment Print
167 Arnold Hurley Together Watercolor
168 Arnold Hurley Cheery Basket Oil
169 Arnold Hurley Yellow Rose Oil
170 Ebbie Hynson Colonial Greetings Oil
171 Ebbie Hynson Good Catch Oil
172 Ebbie Hynson Hope Oil
173 Sara G. Irby Cat on a Cool Coil Acrylic
174 Sara G. Irby Poppies Watercolor Collage
175 Sara G. Irby Wall Flower Watercolor Collage
176 William D. Jenkins Windsor Tea Table Wood
177 William D. Jenkins Windsor Low Back Arm Chair Wood
178 William D. Jenkins Windsor Settee Wood
179 Janice Jones Poppies Watercolor on Canvas
180 Janice Jones Still Life Multi Media
181 Janice Jones Moonlight Magic Multi Media
182 Sharon Jones Barr Owl Photography
183 Sharon Jones Heron Photography
184 Sharon Jones Whooping Crane Photography
185 Karen Julihn Red Forest Acrylic
186 Karen Julihn Shelf Fungi Multi Media
187 Karen Julihn Serenity  Acrylic
188 Karen Julihn Chalk Drawing Photography
189 Karen Julihn Collaboration Photography
190 Karen Julihn Ocean Walk Photography
191 Elaine M. Keane Field of Flowers (Diptich) Acrylic
192 Elaine M. Keane Field of Flowers  Acrylic
193 Elaine M. Keane Streams of Joy Acrylic
194 Ed King Plein Air Rappahannock River Oil
195 Ed King Sunken Road Oil
196 Ed King Sushi Oil
197 Ed King Owl Jars (3) Ceramic/Clay
198 Ed King Loch Ness Pizza Ceramic/Clay
199 Ed King Dragon Jar Ceramic/Clay
200 Rita Kovach Raspberry Cello Oils
201 Rita Kovach Untitled I K Oils
202 Rita Kovach Untitled II K Oils
203 William R. Leap Untitled Acrylic
204 Selena Learn Whale Acrylic
205 Selena Learn Untitled Acrylic
206 Ruth Ann Loving Finding the Right Perspective Acrylic
207 Allison Mahaney Irish Castle Oil
208 Allison Mahaney White Flower Watercolor
209 Michael Martin The Woman at the Well Color Pencil
210 Michael Martin Brooke Pencil/Graphite
211 Michael Martin Unfolding Light Color Digital Photograph
212 Christine McClintock Angel Tears Glass
213 Christine McClintock Bigger is Better Glass
214 Christine McClintock Surrounded by Wildlife Photo on canvas
215 Constance E. Moore Blue Waterfall Acrylic
216 Constance E. Moore On the Way to Mattawoman Acrylic
217 Constance E. Moore The Art of Easton Acrylic
218 Joyce H. Moore The Boys Acrylic
219 Joyce H. Moore The Bubble Acrylic on Canvas
220 Joyce H. Moore A Peek at the Burg Mixed Media
221 Judi Morris Breakers Oil
222 Judi Morris Afternoon Leisure Oil
223 Ina Moss Water's Edge Acrylic
224 Ina Moss Rushmore Revisited Acrylic
225 Ina Moss Sifting Sand Oil
226 Patricia Murray Summer Lake Oil
227 Patricia Murray Kissin' Cousins Oil
228 Patricia Murray A Cool Relief Oil
229 Margaret Neal Fall Acrylic
230 Margaret Neal Lady in Red Mixed Media
231 Margaret Neal Dance Hall Acrylic
232 Katharin Owens Window with Pink Shutters Mixed Media/Paper Construction
233 Katharine Owens Rock Threw a Widow Mixed Media/Paper Construction
234 Katharine Owens Abandoned Farmhouse Mixed Media/Paper Construction
235 Katharine Owens Diesel Alley Mixed Media/Paper Construction
236 Katharine Owens Essex Terraplane 8 Mixed Media/Paper Construction
237 Katharine Owens 1957 Rolled Fender Ferrari Mixed Media/Paper Construction
238 Penny A. Parrish Belle Grove Sunset Photography
239 Penny A. Parrish Diablo Gorge Photo on Metal
240 Penny A. Parrish Virginia Creeper Photo on Canvas
241 Penny A. Parrish Je Suis Charlie Mixed Media
242 Penny A. Parrish No Trespassing Mixed Media
243 Penny A. Parrish Timeless Mixed Media
244 J. Fred Perrine Masonry Frame 2 Masony Frame w/Digital Print
245 J. Fred Perrine Black Eyed Susans Canvas Print
246 J. Fred Perrine Fish Transfers on Canvas
247 Liana Pivirotto 1800's Glass Bead Necklace Artifact, Glass
248 Liana Pivirotto Vintage Iron Bit Sculpture Artifact, Glass
249 Liana Pivirotto Vintage Bridle Part Artifact, Glass
250 Kent Potter Whimsical House Wood
251 Kent Potter Bloody Stump Wood
252 Kent Potter The Finger Wood
253 Kent Potter Turf Fight Photography
254 Kent Potter Eve Photography
255 Kent Potter Cascades Photography
256 Jim Ramsbotham In Lace Watercolor
257 Jim Ramsbotham Government Island Quarry Mixed Media
258 Jim Ramsbotham Late Spring Watercolor
259 Gail Cullen Ratliffe Kingfishers Mixed Media on Gourd
260 Gail Cullen Ratliffe Meadowlark Mixed Media on Gourd
261 Gail Cullen Ratliffe Blue Jay Mixed Media on Gourd
262 Paula Raudenbush What Was That? Watercolor
263 Paula Raudenbush Lizard Acrylic/Oil
264 Paula Raudenbush Frog Acrylic/Oil
265 Lynette L. Reed Momma Told Me There'd Be Days Like This Fiber/Mixed Media
266 Lynette L. Reed It's Genetic Fiber/Mixed Media
267 Lynette L. Reed A Woman's Life Fiber/Mixed Media
268 Nancy Sue Reese Run Away From the Gate Kate Watercolor
269 Nancy Sue Reese Let There Be Light Watercolor
270 Nancy Sue Reese Nancy's Fern Watercolor
271 Sally Rhone-Kubarek Fading Away Encaustic
272 Sally Rhone-Kubarek Widening Web Encaustic
273 Sally Rhone-Kubarek Lost Path Encaustic
274 Jane O. Routson Rocket Photo on Canvas
275 Jane O. Routson Expectant Mom (Wolf Spider) Framed Photo
276 Jane O. Routson Tranquil Lane Framed Photo
277 Rob Rudick Boat Under Bridge Digital Photography
278 Rob Rudick Tower House on Canal Digital Photography
279 Rob Rudick Arch Reflection Digital Photography
280 Shirley Rush Lost Boat Found Acrylic
281 Shirley Rush Cruising the Pond Acrylic
282 Mary Ann Scaggs Have A Drink Mixed/Collage
283 Mary Ann Scaggs Colorful Horse Mixed/Collage
284 Mary Ann Scaggs Tall Trees No. 2 Watercolor
285 Mollie Schaidt Empty Wood/Douglas Fir Sculpture
286 Mollie Schaidt Missing Spoons Metal Sculpture
287 Mollie Schaidt Broadside: "No Other" Printmaking/Letterpress
288 Elizabeth W. Seaver Orchids Were His Friends Acrylic/Paper on Linen
289 Elizabeth W. Seaver Monumentally Busy Acrylic/Paper on Linen
290 E;izabeth W,Seaver No, I Am Not A Pigeon Acrylic/Printmaking/Canvas
291 Elizabeth Shumate Memories Digital Photography
292 Elizabeth Shumate Caledon Digital Photography
293 Elizabeth Shumate Rear Windows Watercolor
294 Elizabeth Shumate Sophia Street #1 Watercolor
295 Elizabeth Shumate Neighbors Mixed Media/Collage
296 Cathy Ambrose Smith Happy Day Mosaic
297 Cathy Ambrose Smith Mr. Crabby Mosaic
298 Cathy Ambrose Smith Floral Bouquet Mosaic
299 Cathy Ambrose Smith Prima Ballerina Mosaic
300 Cathy Ambrose Smith Rescued Love Mosaic
301 Cathy Ambrose Smith Super Scoop Mosaic
302 Christena Weaver Smith Fall Apples Oil on Canvas
303 Christena Weaver Smith Petunias Watercolor & Pen
304 Christena Weaver Smith Grey Barn Oil on Canvas
305 Jane Snead Dogwood Lane Acrylic
306 Jane Snead 6:00 A.M. Photography
307 Jane Snead Jingle Bells Scarf Hand Knitting Scarf
308 Merian C. Stevens Rainbow Tsunami Mixed Media
309 Merian C. Stevens Celebrate! Acrylic
310 Merian C. Stevens Contemplative Watercolor on Silk
311 Elizabeth Stewart Still Life With Grapes Oil on Gessoboard
312 MG Stout Forward Thinking Acrylic
313 MG Stout If Only Acrylic
314 MG Stout Higher Ground Acrylic
315 Lucretia Tanner Other World Acrylic & Other
316 Lucretia Tanner Abstractions Acrylic & Other
317 Lucretia Tanner Still Life Acrylic
318 Carl Thor The Candidate Acrylic
319 Carl Thor Kremlin Geometry Acrylic
320 Carl Thor Whirlwind Acrylic
321 Joyce Thor A Taste of Italy Mixed Media
322 Joyce Thor All the News That's Fit to Print Acrylic
323 Joyce Thor Conspiracy Acrylic
324 Pat Troiani Grand Finale Watercolor
325 Pat Troiani Burst of Energy Watercolor
326 Pat Troiani Paris Revisited Watercolor
327 Anna Verdich A Nice Guy Oil
328 Anna Verdich Head of Wild Horse Oil/ 2 D Work
329 Anna Verdich Running Wild Horses Oil/ 2 D Work
330 Carol Waite Wisteria Sumi-e
331 Carol Waite Blue Magnolia Sumi-e
332 Kathy Waltermire The Colors of White Pastel
333 Kathy Waltermire Yellow Toucan Pastel
334 Kathy Waltermire IPN Pastel
335 Linda Warshaw R. Roughhouse Mixed Media/Collage
336 Linda Warshaw Wading Heron Acrylic
337 Linda Warshaw The Blue & Gray Acrylic
338 Dawn Whitmore Poplar Grove Barn HDR Photography
339 Dawn Whitmore Red Tractor Photography
340 Dawn Whitmore Chancellor Barn Wide Angle Photography
341 Darlene Wilkinson Dream Beyond Mixed Media
342 Darlene Wilkinson Raining Glass Mixed Media
343 Darlene Wilkinson See the Light Mixed Media
344 Kathleen Willingham Northern Neck Field Soft Pastel
345 Kathleen Willingham Sunset Over the Rappahannock Soft Pastel
346 Kathleen Willingham Summer Morning Soft Pastel
347 Nancy M. Wing Summer Retreat Oil
348 Nancy M. Wing Cascading Waters Oil
349 Nancy M. Wing Serenity II Oil
350 Jane T. Woodworth Seascape #1 Oil on Canvas
351 Jane T. Woodworth Seascape #2 Oil on Canvas
352 Jane T. Woodworth Foggy Morning Oil on Canvas
353 Bob Worthy Dragonfly Waltz #15 Mixed Media
354 Bob Worthy Dragonfly Waltz #16 Mixed Media
355 Bob Worthy Beach Patrol Oil /Cold Wax
356 Bob Worthy Orkney Shed A Hand Photograph
357 Bob Worthy Stratford Barn A Hand Photograph
358 Kristi Zerull Two Birds in Paradise Acrylic
359 Kristi Zerull On the Prowl Acrylic
360 Kristi Zerull Beach Friend Acrylic
361 Matthew Bushman Minion 1 (2 pc) Handbuilt Ceramic
362 Matthew Bushman Minion 2 Handbuilt Ceramic
363 Matthew Bushman Minion 3 Handbuilt Ceramic