Tuesday, July 26, 2016

KGAG Children's Summer Art Classes

Following this year's successful King George Art Show, the King George Art Guild continued the tradition of providing one-week of children's art classes this summer, free of charge with all materials provided.  Three classes of fifteen children registered for the classes that met daily for ninety minutes.  Mrs. Carrol Morgan and Mrs. Darlene Wilkinson co-taught the classes, held at King George Elementary School.

Here are some photos of the kids learning and creating...




Have a great summer everyone!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

2016 KG Art Show Award Winners

Here are this year's KG Art Show Award Winners...
22nd Biennial KING GEORGE ART SHOW 2016
JUDGE – Joseph DiBella, Professor Emeritus of Art, UMW
Best in Show: “Vessel 2” ceramic by Daniel Christie of King George, VA
John Shaw Award: “Beach Friend” acrylic by Kristi Zerull of Fredericksburg, VA
Judge’s Choice Awards:
1.     “Oh, Mom!” pastel by Maggie Bice of Rhoadesville, VA
2.     “Bosom Buddy # 3 Jenny” photograph by Mary Jane Bohlen of Cranston, RI
3.     “Figure # 10” wood sculpture by James E. Butler of Fredericksburg, VA
4.     “Under the Bridge” oil by Marcia Chaves of Fredericksburg, VA
5.     “Birdhouse Condominium” ceramic by Dan Finnegan of Fredericksburg, VA
6.     “Going for a Spin” pastel by Trish Hill of Bowling Green, VA
7.     “Brooke” pencil portrait by Michael Martin of Bruington, VA
8.     “Lizard” mixed media by Paula Raudenbush of Fredericksburg, VA
9.     “Still Life with Grapes” oil by Elizabeth Stewart of King George, VA
10.   “Dragonfly Waltz #16”  mixed media by Bob Worthy of Montross, VA
Merit Awards:
1.     “Face Time” bolo/fused glass by Angie Applegate of Stafford, VA
2.     “You Break It, We Fix It” photography by David G. Boyd of Cranston, RI
3.     “The Purple Bowl” oil by Katherine Dervin of Fredericksburg, VA
4.     “African Requiem” print by Robert S. Hunter of Colonial Beach, VA
5.      “Windsor Settee” wood furniture by William D. Jenkins of Montross, VA
6.     “Untitled” acrylic by William R. Leap of Fredericksburg, VA
7.     “Je Suis Charlie” mixed media by Penny Parrish of Fredericksburg, VA
8.     “Lost Path” encaustic by Sally Rhone-Kubarek of Fredericksburg, VA
9.     “Forward Thinking” acrylic by MG Stout of Stafford, VA
10.   “Conspiracy” acrylic by Joyce Thor of Colonial Beach, VA
Honorable Mentions:
1.     “Senior’s Imagination” collaborative mixed media by Odette Anderson,  Bob Bowen, Taylor Cullar, Henry Fink, Mi-ja Han, Ann Holt, Meg Martin, and Betty Martley of Fredericksburg, VA
2.      “Rose” alkyd by George Bowles of Arlington, VA
3.      “Last Minute Stitching” oil by Nancy Brittle of Remington, VA
4.      “Many Moons” weaving by Rita Brown of Triangle, VA
5.      “The Source” mixed media by Donna Brune of Flint Hill, VA
6.      “Pinwheeled Radiance” acrylic by Charlotte Burrill of Fredericksburg, VA
7.      “Lois’s Cows” oil by Barbara Byrd of Bowling Green, VA
8.      “Daily Catch” acrylic by Collette Caprara of Fredericksburg, VA
9.      “I’m Still Here” photograph by Toby Chittum of Partlow, VA
10.   “St. John’s Episcopal Church, KG, VA” pen/ink by Faith Gaillot of Hollywood, MD
11.   “Sunday Afternoon” pastel by Elsie Hagenlocker of Fredericksburg, VA
12.   “Glimpses IV” acrylic by Barbara Taylor Hall of Fredericksburg, VA
13.   “River Rocks” watercolor by Beverly Hamon of Fredericksburg, VA
14.   “I Will Survive” watercolor by Sue Henderson of Fredericksburg, VA
15.   “Old Boat, Annecy” photograph by Deborah Herndon of Charleston, WV
16.   “Taco Belle” mixed media by Cathy Herndon of Fredericksburg, VA
17.   “Seaside” mixed media by Anita Holle  of Fredericksburg, VA
18.   “Shelf Fungi” multimedia by Karen Julihn of Fredericksburg, VA
19.   “Sushi” oil by Ed King of Fredericksburg, VA
20.   “Rushmore Revisited” acrylic by Ina Moss of Fredericksburg, VA
21.   “Abandoned Farmhouse” multi-media by Katherine Owens of Fredericksburg, VA
22.   “Cruising the Pond” acrylic by Shirley Rush of Colonial Beach, VA
23.   “Have a Drink” mixed media by Mary Ann Scaggs of Mechanicsville, MD
24.   “Broadside: ‘No Other’” print by Mollie Schaidt of King George, VA
25.   “Neighbors” mixed media by Elizabeth Shumate of Newport News, VA
26.   “Burst of Energy” watercolor by Pat Troiani of Solomons, MD
27.   “The Colors of White” pastel by Kathy Waltermire of Colonial Beach, VA
28.   “R. Roughhouse” mixed media by Linda Warshaw of Fredericksburg, VA
29.   “Raining Glass” mixed media by Darlene Wilkinson of King George, VA
30.   “Foggy Morning” oil by Jane Woodworth of Durham, NC

Popular Vote Awards:
1. Fine Art: “On the Prowl” acrylic painting by Kristi Zerull of Fredericksburg, VA
2. Photography: “Virginia Creeper” photograph by Penny Parrish of Fredericksburg, VA
3. Crafts: “Crab Platter” #112 by Cathy Donovan of Colonial Beach, VA  
Looking forward to 2018 already!