Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Thank You 2018 King George Art Show Volunteers!

The 23rd Biennial King George Art Show, sponsored by the King George Art Guild, would not have been possible without the dedication of all the volunteers who made the 2018 show happen.  Volunteers assisted with everything from planning the show, to setting up the show panels and hanging artwork, manning the show, and ultimately the show's take-down activities this past Sunday.

Here are some photos of just a few of the folks who gave their time and effort during this year's show:

Thank you everyone for making the 2018 King George Art Show such a success!  

And, now - who's ready for 2020?  :-)

Friday, June 22, 2018

2018 King George Art Show Photos

Enjoy these photos of the 2018 King George Art Show!

Artwork, Artwork, Everywhere!




and Fine Art...

A few photos from the 2018 King George Art Show Juror's reception...

A lovely setting alongside Upper Machodoc Creek.

Juror Don Crow talking with members of the King George Art Guild.

Juror Don Crow of Richmond, VA

And, last but not least, a few of the folks who made the 2018 Biennial King George Art Show happen...

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

2018 KG Art Show Award Winners

And the winners are...

23rd Biennial KING GEORGE ART SHOW 2018

JUDGE – Don Crow of Richmond, VA

Best in Show: “Trestle Table” by Joseph Wilkinson of Fredericksburg, VA

"Trestle Table" by John Wilkinson - Best in Show
Best in Show, "Trestle Table", by John Wilkinson of Fredericksburg, VA.

John Shaw Award: “Roxie” color pencil drawing by Iris Cheatham of Fredericksburg, VA

Photograph of James Shaw (donor of the John Shaw Award) with winning artwork
color pencil drawing, "Roxie", by Iris Cheatham of Fredericksburg, VA.

Popular Choice Awards:

Fine Art: “Dahlia” oil painting by Elizabeth Stewart of King George, VA

Photography: “Spiral Staircase” photo by Penny Parrish of Fredericksburg, VA

Crafts: “Watering Can” mosaic by Joan S. Powell of Colonial Beach, VA

Judge’s Choice Awards:

1. “Walnut Bowl” wood bowl by Jeff Lohr, of King George, VA
2. “Blue Marks” oil on paper on linen by Jane Woodworth of Durham, NC
3. “Teapot” ceramic by Ed King of Spotsylvania, VA
4. “Untitled” mixed media by Mary Lou Cramer of Spotsylvania, VA
5. “Siena Shadows” oil painting by Elsie Hagenlocker of Fredericksburg, VA
6. “Gandolfo, Italy” photograph by Deborah Herndon of Evansville, IN
7. “Gypsy Wind” oil and cold wax painting by Bob Worthy of Montross, VA
8. “Grand Staircase” oil painting by Anita Holle of Fredericksburg, VA
9. “Large Vessel #3” ceramic by Daniel Christie, of King George, VA
10. “Windswept Reflection” oil painting by Charlotte Richards of Fredericksburg,  VA

Merit Awards:

1. “Painted Brick #82”acrylic on brick by Crystal Harris Donnelly of Stafford, VA
2. “Yoga Cat” giclee by Sara G. Irby  of Fredericksburg, VA
3. “Watering Can” mixed media mosaic by Joan Powell of Colonial Beach, VA
4. “Time for Every Season” mixed media by Robert S. Hunter of Colonial Beach, VA
5. “Port Holes #3” mixed media by Cathy Herndon of Fredericksburg, VA
6. “Field Grass” acrylic painting by Karen Julihn of Fredericksburg, VA
7. “Mom” photograph by Mollie Schaidt of King George, VA
8. “Friends Garden” watercolor by Janie Mosby of Warrenton, VA
9. “Holding Up Half the Sky” acrylic by Carl Thor of Colonial Beach, VA
10. “Sailboat in Sunset” oil painting by Ebbie Hynson of Colonial Beach, VA

Honorable Mentions:

1. “Nature Charms Us” acrylic by Charlotte Burrill of Fredericksburg, VA
2. “Corn Snacks” photograph by Jane Routson of Fredericksburg, VA
3. “Blue Plate Special” oil painting by Toni Scott of Fredericksburg, VA
4. “Toast Is Ready” oil painting by Carrol Morgan of King George, VA
5. “Black Bird Has Spoken” oil painting by Kathleen Moran of Colonial Beach, VA
6. “Evening Glider” acrylic painting by Linda Warshaw of Fredericksburg, VA
7. “Old Hippy” pastel by Trish Hill of Bowling Green, VA
8. “Gallery Garden” oil painting by Elizabeth Shumate of Newport News, VA
9. “Pitcher” by Sara G. Irby of Fredericksburg, VA
10. “Plein Air Rappahannock” #148 oil painting by Ed King of Spotsylvania, VA
11. “The Right Road” oil painting by Laurel Koons of Fredericksburg, VA
12. “A World of Quietude” encaustic  by Carolyn Goodridge of Colonial Beach, VA

Monday, June 11, 2018

Save the Date! 2018 King George Art Show

2018 KG Art Show Art Work Delivery Reminder

2018 King George Art Show Catalog Preview

Here's a preview of the 2018 King George Art Show Catalog!  Enjoy!

Entry # Artist Name Title Media
1 Karie Anderson Shade & Shadow Metal Print
2 Karie Anderson Tarnished Treasure Canvas Print
3 Van Anderson Truth Be Told Alcohol Ink
4 Van Anderson Let it Be Alcohol Ink
5 Van Anderson Imperial Alcohol Ink
6 Doris W. Barbee Hydrangea Watercolor-Mixed
7 Doris W. Barbee Covered Bridge Watercolor
8 Doris W. Barbee Window View Watercolor on Canvas
9 Sharon Blancard Blythe Still Waters: In Memory of Ed Resio Mixed
10 Sharon Blancard Goldfish Pond Oil
11 Sharon Blancard The Pond Mixed
12 Bev Bley The Quest Mixed
13 Bev Bley The Inner Circle Mixed
14 Bev Bley Carins Mixed
15 David G. Boyd The Cadillac Photography
16 David G. Boyd The Clubhouse Photography
17 David G. Boyd Three Barrels Photography
18 Jürgen Brat Endurance Oil
19 Jürgen Brat Bridge II Oil
20 Jürgen Brat Bridge II Oil
21 Nancy Brittle Goolrick's Oil
22 Nancy Brittle Washing Wicker Oil
23 Nancy Brittle In the Squash Patch Oil
24 Charlotte Burrill Day Is Done Color Photo
25 Charlotte Burrill Alternative Color Photo
26 Charlotte Burrill Tiny Treasure Color Photo
27 Charlotte Burrill Nature Charms Us Acrylic
28 Charlotte Burrill If Catalpa Could Talk Pencil
29 Helen J. Burroughs Volga Acrylic
30 Helen J. Burroughs Supernova Acrylic
31 Helen J. Burroughs Cavalier Acrylic
32 Barbara A. Byrd Ready for Take off Oil
33 Barbara A. Byrd Mama & Babies Oil
34 Barbara A. Byrd Nags Head oil
35 Connie Canby It's Elemental Watercolor
36 Connie Canby Spark of Truth Oil Pastel
37 Connie Canby Magic Portal Acrylic
38 Amanda Carter Cone Flowers Oil
39 Amanda Carter Dotty Flowers Oil
40 Amanda Carter Daffodils Oil
41 Marcia Chaves Potomac Dawn Watercolor
42 Marcia Chaves Sea Gazers Oil
43 Marcia Chaves Riverside Oil
44 Iris Cheatham Roxie Colored Pencil
45 Daniel Christie Glaze detail 1 Photo on Canvas
46 Daniel Christie Glaze detail 2 Photo on Canvas
47 Daniel Christie Glaze detail 3 Photo on Canvas
48 Daniel Christie Large Vessel 1 Clay
49 Daniel Christie Large Vessel 2 Clay
50 Daniel Christie Large Vessel 3 Clay
51 Toby Patricia Cittum Beach Mummies Digital
52 Toby Patricia Cittum Don't Make Me Come Down There Digital
53 Toby Patricia Cittum Nags Head II Digital
54 Toby Patricia Cittum Sitting Buck Acrylic
55 Toby Patricia Cittum Sassafras Acrylic
56 Toby Patricia Cittum Asphalt, Steel & Congrete Acrylic
57 Toby Patricia Cittum Still Here Beads/Jewelfy
58 Toby Patricia Cittum Gifts of the Maji Acrylic, Cardboard & Boxes
59 Toby Patricia Cittum White Jade With Silver Jewelry white, jade & silver
60 Andrea Clement Adorned Acrylic
61 Andrea Clement Swimming Pool Acrylic
62 Andrea Clement African Queen Acrylic
63 Lee Cochrane Still Waiting Photography
64 Lee Cochrane Splashdown Photograph on Metallic Paper
65 Lee Cochrane On the Road to a Rendezvoux Photograph
66 Beverley Coates Vertical Splash Watercolor
67 Beverley Coates Straight Ahead Watercolor
68 Beverley Coates Floating Unruffled Watercolor
69 Mary Lou Cramer Dragon Mixed Media
70 Mary Lou Cramer Waiting for the Light Graphite & colored pencil
71 Mary Lou Cramer Untitled Mixed Media
72 Stephen Davis Jr. RG Beach Photograph
73 Stephen Davis Jr. Kansas Roadside Photography
74 Stephen Davis Jr. Kayak Boy Photograph
75 Kate Katherine Dervin Rocky Cliffs Oil
76 Kate Katherine Dervin The Sea Below Oil
77 Kate Katherine Dervin Lake Maggiore Oil
78 Cordelia Dickson Moroccan Tea Pot Watercolor
79 Crystal Harris Donnelly Cold shoulder Acrylic
80 Crystal Harris Donnelly Beach Bum Acrylic
81 Crystal Harris Donnelly Morning Visitor Pastel
82 Crystal Harris Donnelly Painted Brick Acrylic
83 Crystal Harris Donnelly Painted Brick Acrylic
84 Crystal Harris Donnelly Painted Jacket Acrylic
85 Carolyn Goodridge Yang No. 5 Oil & Acrylic on Canvas
86 Carolyn Goodridge Sure Flight Ecaustic & gold leaf on glass
87 Carolyn Goodridge A World of Quietude Encaustic on Wood Panel
88 Elsie C. Hagenlocker Siena Shadows Acrylic
89 Barbara Taylor Hall Sunrise Acrylic
90 Barbara Taylor Hall Kasbah II Acrylic
91 Barbara Taylor Hall Outlet Mixed
92 Sue Henderson Three for the Road Watercolor
93 Sue Henderson Study in Glass Watercolor
94 Sue Henderson The Hangover Acrylic
95 Sue Henderson Sadhu Archival Canvas
96 Sue Henderson It Runs Blue on the Glacier Photograph
97 Sue Henderson Come Play With Me Archival Canvas
98 Rick Henderson Mist on the Rappahannock Photograph
99 Rick Henderson Sunset at Mt. St. Michel Photograph
100 Rick Henderson Moon Over Appalachia Photograph
101 Cathy Herndon Port holes 2 Mixed Media
102 Cathy C. Herndon Port holes 3 Mixed Media
103 Cathy C. Herndon Port holes 4 Mixed Media
104 Cathy C. Herndon Untitled 1 Color Photography
105 Cathy C. Herndon Untitled 2 Color Photography
106 Cathy C. Herndon Untitled 3 Color Photography
107 Deborah Herndon Gandolfo, Italy Archival metallic
108 Deborah Herndon Inside Out Clock Archival metallic
109 Deborah Herndon Marché des Legumes Archival metallic
110 Becki Heye Rainbow Ripples Photography
111 Becki Heye Kisses From Above Photography
112 Becki Heye The Blues Oil on Canvas
113 Steve Hilker Girl Holding Flowers Oil on Canvas
114 Steve Hilker Mary Receiving The Enunciation Oil on Canvas
115 Trish Hill Old Hippy Pastel
116 Trish Hill Exploding Sprocket Pastel
117 Trish Hill Portuguese Arches Pastel
118 Anita Holle Grand Staircase Oil
119 Anita Holle Colorado High Oil
120 Anita Holle Hillside in Montana Oil
121 Anita Holle Pyramid Today Photograph
122 Anita Holle Ethiopia at Galilee Photograph
123 Anita Holle First Glance Photograph
124 Ann Holt Life Has Turnarounds Mixed Media
125 Ann Holt In the Mind's Eye Oil
126 Becky Huffman Hubbard The Daily Sentinel Watercolor
127 Becky Huffman Hubbard Foothills of Mt. Davis Arcylic
128 Becky Huffman Hubbard Woven Mixed
129 Robert S. Hunter Winter Watch Archival Pigment Print
130 Robert S. Hunter A Time For Every Season Mixed Media
131 Robert S. Hunter Artifact Archival Pigment Print
132 Ebbie Hynson Sailboat in Sunset Oil
133 Ebbie Hynson An Island of Beauty Oil
134 Ebbie Hynson Dutch Boy Oil
135 Sara G. Irby Pitcher We
136 Sara G. Irby Blue Buds Acrylic
137 Sara G. Irby Yoga Cat Gidee
138 Janice Jones Imagination Alcohol Ink
139 Janice Jones Abstraction Alcohol Ink
140 Janice Jones Fantasy Mixed Media
141 Karen Julihn Sea Foam Acrylic
142 Karen Julihn Field Grass Acrylic
143 Karen Julihn Branches & Leaves Acrylic
144 Elaine M. Keane Geisha #1 Oil
145 Elaine M. Keane Geisha #2 Oil
146 Elaine M. Keane Geisha #3 Oil
147 Ed King Plein Air Rappahannock Oil
148 Ed King Plein Air Rappahannock 2 Oil
149 Ed King Cows Oil
150 Ed King Camel Hand Built Clay
151 Ed King Dragon Hand Built Clay
152 Ed King Tea Pot Hand Built Clay
153 Ed King Osprey 1 Photograph
154 Ed King Osprey 2 Photograph
155 Ed King Osprey 3 Photograph
156 Laural Koons Hillside Cedar Oil/allaPrima
157 Laural Koons The Right Road Oil/alaPrima
158 Rita Kovach Impending Storm Oil
159 Rita Kovach Hometown Hero Oil
160 Rita Kovach Soft Light Oil
161 William Leap Start'er Up Acrylic
162 Jeff Lohr Walnut Vase Walnut & Resin
163 Jeff Lohr Horse Chestnut Bowl Horse Chestnut & Resin
164 Jeff Lohr Walnut Bowl Walnut Wood
165 Tresa Lohr Mango Mania Stained Glass/Ceramics
166 Tresa Lohr Ah Relief Stone, Smaltimortar
167 Ruth Ann Loving Black Swallow Tail Watercolor on Canvas
168 Ruth Ann Loving Hydrangea Still Life Acrylic
169 Ruth Ann Loving Untitled #79 Acrylic
170 Verlane H. Mack Of the Sea Encaustic
171 Verlane H. Mack I'm Free Mixed Media
172 Verlane H. Mack Sea Shore by the Sea Glass/Mixed
173 Robert L. McCroskey Train Bridge Oil on Canvas
174 Robert L. McCroskey French Bistro Oil on Canvas
175 Robert L. McCroskey Mountain Shore Line Oil on Canvas
176 Judy Lowman Sky Gazer Oil
177 Judith McIrvin Postcard from the Cottage Fiber
178 Judith McIrvin Cone Flower Pillow Fiber
179 Joyce H. Moore The Coast is Clear Acrylic
180 Joyce H. Moore Sweet Sara Acrylic
181 Joyce H. Moore Tiny Ripples Acrylic
182 Kathleen Moran Morning Has Broken Oil
183 Kathleen Moran Blackbird has Spoken Oil
184 Kathleen Moran Mine is the Sunlight Oil
185 Carrol Morgan Toast Is Ready Oil
186 Carrol Morgan Farm View, King George Oil
187 Judi Morris Ice Oil
188 Judi Morris Nature Oil
189 Janie S. Mosby Shadows on Pond Ice Watercolor
190 Janie S. Mosby Friend's Garden Watercolor
191 Janie S. Mosby From Land Fall Maine Watercolor
192 Heidi Ordoubadi Blooming Irises Watercolor
193 Heidi Ordoubadi Fall Acrylic
194 Heidi Ordoubadi Light House Acrylic
195 Saeed Ordoubadi View from the Road Acrylic
196 Saeed Ordoubadi Game of Nostalgia Acrylic
197 Saeed Ordoubadi Yosemite Acrylic
198 Saeed Ordoubadi Bengali Cat Print onCanvas
199 Saeed Ordoubadi Kiosk Print onCanvas
200 Saeed Ordoubadi Dinner for Two Print onCanvas
201 Penny A. Parrish Spiral Staircase Photography
202 Penny A. Parrish Red Boat Photograph
203 Penny A. Parrish Redwing on Angelica Photograph
204 Penny A. Parrish Blue Vase Hand Colored Photo
205 Penny A. Parrish Brick Arch Hand Colored Photo
206 J. Fred Perrine Fish 1 Mixed Media
207 J. Fred Perrine Fish 2 Mixed Media
208 J. Fred Perrine Fish 3 Photography
209 Joan S. Powell Watering Can Mosaic
210 Joan S. Powell Memories Mosaic
211 Joan S. Powell Deer Oak Assemblage
212 Jim Ramsbotham Lakota Genesis Water Media
213 Jim Ramsbotham Dancing to Light Water Media
214 Jim Ramsbotham Dragonfly Fountain Water Media
215 Sally Rhone-Kubarek Striking Golld Acrylic
216 Sally Rhone-Kubarek Peacock Throne Acrylic
217 Sally Rhone-Kubarek Scanno Steps Encaustic
218 Charlotte Richards Through the Afternoon Mist Oil
219 Charlotte Richards Windswept Reflection Oil
220 Charlotte Richards Hare Raisin' Commute Oil
221 Jane O. Routson Corn Snacks Photograph
222 Jane O. Routson Keeping Watch Photograph on Canvas
223 Jane O. Routson Victorious Memorial Photograph on Acrylic
224 Rob Rudick Tomatoes Digital Photo on Canvas
225 Rob Rudick Rock Pool Art Digital Photo on Canvas
226 Rob Rudick Bread for Sale Digital Photo on Canvas
227 Shirley Rush Guiding Light Acrylic
228 Shirley Rush Rainbow Trout Is Not Impressed Acrylic
229 Mollie Schaidt The Shell Mixed Media
230 Mollie Schaidt Justin Letter press
231 Mollie Schaidt Pennies from Heaven Letter press
232 Mollie Schaidt Bloodcurdling Digital Photography
233 Mollie Schaidt Mom Digital Photography
234 Mollie Schaidt Jeremy Digital Photography
235 Toni Scott Mussels in Bloom Oil
236 Toni Scott R Month Joy Oil
237 Toni Scott Blue Plate Special Oil
238 Elizabeth Shumate Crossing the Amazon Acrylic Panel
239 Elizabeth Shumate Gallery Garden Oil on Canvas
240 Elizabeth Shumate Fog Rising Over Blue Ridge Mountain Oil on Canvas
241 Elizabeth Shumate Keep in Thought Digital Photo
242 Elizabeth Shumate Guard Rail Digital Photo
243 Elizabeth Shumate No Exit Digital Photo
244 Cathy Ambrose Smith Field of Flowers Mosaic
245 Cathy Ambrose Smith Darth Vader Mocaic
246 Cathy Ambrose Smith Journey Mosaic
247 Cathy Ambrose Smith Hidden Players - Wailing Wall Photograph
248 Cathy Ambrose Smith Wailing Wall Photograph
249 Cathy Ambrose Smith Golden Gourd Mosaic
250 Cathy Ambrose Smith For the Love of Ballet Mosaic
251 Christena W. Smith Vermont Vista Oils on Board
252 Christena W. Smith Pink Sunrise Oil stick on paper
253 Christena W. Smith Mist over the Fields Oil on Canvas
254 Elizabeth Stewart Dahlia Oil on panel
255 Lucretia D. Tanner Old Fashion Flowers Acrylic
256 Lucretia D. Tanner Poppies Acrylic
257 Lucretia D. Tanner Expressions Acrylic
258 Lisa Bunting Thoms Tools of the Trade Photograph
259 Lisa Bunting Thoms Morning in the Garden Photograph
260 Lisa Bunting Thoms Blossoms Photograph
261 Joyce Thor October Night Acrylic
262 Joyce Thor Moon Over the City Oil on Paper
263 Joyce Thor Turquoise Fantasy Acrylic
264 Carl G. Thor Holding Up Half The Sky Acrylic
265 Carl G. Thor Alter Ego Acrylic
266 Carl G. Thor Still Life Acrylic
267 Kathy Waltermire M. Poulet Pastel
268 Kathy Waltermire Mme. Poulet Pastel
269 Linda Warshaw Nude with Tattoos Acrylic
270 Linda Warshaw Evening Glider Acrylic
271 Linda Warshaw Sunburst on Water Mixed
272 Linda Warshaw Prancing Pony Wood
273 Linda Warshaw Three Mirrors Mixed
274 Linda Warshaw Sea of Reflection Mixed
275 Dawn Whitmore Fading Barn Photograph
276 Dawn Whitmore DC Sidewalk Life Photograph
277 Dawn Whitmore Culpeper Fence Photograph
278 Darlene Wilkinson A Party Mixed Media
279 Darlene Wilkinson Movement Mixed Media
280 Darlene Wilkinson Night Sky Mixed Media
281 Joseph Wilkinson Pixelated Cow #1 Wood
282 Joseph Wilkinson Pixelated Cow #2 w
283 Joseph Wilkinson Trestle Table w
284 Kathleen Willingham Through the Chasms of My Mind Acrylic
285 Kathleen Willingham Morning Delight Acrylic
286 Kathleen Willingham Orange Fizz Acrylic
287 Jo Love Willis Island View Acrylic
288 Jo Love Willis Low Country Yams Acrylic
289 Jo Love Willis Silver Blues Acrylic
290 Nancy Wing Country Harvest Oil
291 Nancy Wing Back Waters Oil
292 Nancy Wing Taylor Harvest Oil
293 Jane T. Woodworth Billie's Snow Oil on aluminum
294 Jane T. Woodworth Blue Marks Oil on Paper on Linen
295 Jane T. Woodworth Vertical Wisps Oil on Paper on Linen
296 Bob Worthy Gypsy Shadow Oil & Cold Wax
297 Bob Worthy Gypsy Wind Oil & Cold Wax