Tuesday, June 19, 2018

2018 KG Art Show Award Winners

And the winners are...

23rd Biennial KING GEORGE ART SHOW 2018

JUDGE – Don Crow of Richmond, VA

Best in Show: “Trestle Table” by Joseph Wilkinson of Fredericksburg, VA

"Trestle Table" by John Wilkinson - Best in Show
Best in Show, "Trestle Table", by John Wilkinson of Fredericksburg, VA.

John Shaw Award: “Roxie” color pencil drawing by Iris Cheatham of Fredericksburg, VA

Photograph of James Shaw (donor of the John Shaw Award) with winning artwork
color pencil drawing, "Roxie", by Iris Cheatham of Fredericksburg, VA.

Popular Choice Awards:

Fine Art: “Dahlia” oil painting by Elizabeth Stewart of King George, VA

Photography: “Spiral Staircase” photo by Penny Parrish of Fredericksburg, VA

Crafts: “Watering Can” mosaic by Joan S. Powell of Colonial Beach, VA

Judge’s Choice Awards:

1. “Walnut Bowl” wood bowl by Jeff Lohr, of King George, VA
2. “Blue Marks” oil on paper on linen by Jane Woodworth of Durham, NC
3. “Teapot” ceramic by Ed King of Spotsylvania, VA
4. “Untitled” mixed media by Mary Lou Cramer of Spotsylvania, VA
5. “Siena Shadows” oil painting by Elsie Hagenlocker of Fredericksburg, VA
6. “Gandolfo, Italy” photograph by Deborah Herndon of Evansville, IN
7. “Gypsy Wind” oil and cold wax painting by Bob Worthy of Montross, VA
8. “Grand Staircase” oil painting by Anita Holle of Fredericksburg, VA
9. “Large Vessel #3” ceramic by Daniel Christie, of King George, VA
10. “Windswept Reflection” oil painting by Charlotte Richards of Fredericksburg,  VA

Merit Awards:

1. “Painted Brick #82”acrylic on brick by Crystal Harris Donnelly of Stafford, VA
2. “Yoga Cat” giclee by Sara G. Irby  of Fredericksburg, VA
3. “Watering Can” mixed media mosaic by Joan Powell of Colonial Beach, VA
4. “Time for Every Season” mixed media by Robert S. Hunter of Colonial Beach, VA
5. “Port Holes #3” mixed media by Cathy Herndon of Fredericksburg, VA
6. “Field Grass” acrylic painting by Karen Julihn of Fredericksburg, VA
7. “Mom” photograph by Mollie Schaidt of King George, VA
8. “Friends Garden” watercolor by Janie Mosby of Warrenton, VA
9. “Holding Up Half the Sky” acrylic by Carl Thor of Colonial Beach, VA
10. “Sailboat in Sunset” oil painting by Ebbie Hynson of Colonial Beach, VA

Honorable Mentions:

1. “Nature Charms Us” acrylic by Charlotte Burrill of Fredericksburg, VA
2. “Corn Snacks” photograph by Jane Routson of Fredericksburg, VA
3. “Blue Plate Special” oil painting by Toni Scott of Fredericksburg, VA
4. “Toast Is Ready” oil painting by Carrol Morgan of King George, VA
5. “Black Bird Has Spoken” oil painting by Kathleen Moran of Colonial Beach, VA
6. “Evening Glider” acrylic painting by Linda Warshaw of Fredericksburg, VA
7. “Old Hippy” pastel by Trish Hill of Bowling Green, VA
8. “Gallery Garden” oil painting by Elizabeth Shumate of Newport News, VA
9. “Pitcher” by Sara G. Irby of Fredericksburg, VA
10. “Plein Air Rappahannock” #148 oil painting by Ed King of Spotsylvania, VA
11. “The Right Road” oil painting by Laurel Koons of Fredericksburg, VA
12. “A World of Quietude” encaustic  by Carolyn Goodridge of Colonial Beach, VA

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