Saturday, January 28, 2023

Thank You KGAG Supporters!


Farewell to the King George Art Guild

January 22, 2023

Dear Supporters of the King George Art Guild,  

Yesterday, I made phone contact with many of the "stakeholders" who have supported the King George Art Guild art shows over the years.  We agree that it is time to end the great "50-year run" of community based biennial art shows that we loved.  It is sad to end a volunteer organization, but our aging members (many have passed) and a lack of interest among younger folks makes it an easier decision.  This letter to all our artists and volunteers is formal notice that our affiliation as an organization will end in 2023, and we will disburse our assets.  We will give a final scholarship with our remaining funds to a graduating KGHS senior pursuing a higher education in the visual arts.  Our show boards and exhibit supplies will be donated to the ceramic artist Daniel Christie to use as he sees fit.  Our art education supplies will be donated to a new local art teacher who is beginning her art teaching career.  

It has been a relief to make this final decision with the approval of our long-time supporters. The pandemic and the restructuring of our local school facilities made the future of a secure space for a 10-day art show improbable.   

The best part of this decision making was the ability to call and speak in person with art supporters whom I have not seen in three years.  We all agree that it is time to "move on" and let go of a tradition that served us well.  Happy memories will remain, and many community members and artists benefitted from our shows.  Our archival materials (records, scrapbooks, photos, etc.) will be offered to the King George County Smoot Library for preservation and reference in an appropriate storage space.  

A weight has been lifted from the shoulders of those who have maintained our financial assets and faithfully stored our physical assets.  Making decisions can be heavy. 

With gratitude to all who have supported our organization over the years with their time, contributions, and talents.  THANK YOU. 


Ms. Carrol Morgan 

King George Art Guild, Biennial Art Show Co-Chair 2018-2020